Also if you can tell, aaa replica designer handbags

My LV monogram belt is made in Spain is it real

Meghan Markle makes damning palace claimMore trending news?Visit Yahoo HomeThe EASIEST way to start by telling if the belt is real or fake, is to see where it was made. Authentic LV belts are ONLY made in Spain, not France. They were NEVER made in France, unless it was from the early 80 or 90 and even then, sometimes they were produced inside the United States. Also, look at the back of the buckle. If the back of the buckle has “Louis Vuitton” etched into it, then the item is fake. This was never done on authentic belts. The 3rd easiest way to tell if a belt is fake is to look for an authenticity card. Louis belts NEVER come with an authenticity card fake designer bags , as do none of Louis Vuitton items. The 4th easiest way is to look at the screws holding the buckle on. LOUIS VUITTON is all about perfection, if you ever see anything less than perfection 99% of the time it is probably a counterfiet bag. HERE ARE THE TOP WAYS TO SPOT A FAKE: 1. Semmetry Always make sure the Monograms line up 2. LOUIS VUITTON NEVER cuts off their “LV” logo (only some vintage items have cut off “LV so make sure to check the age of the bag) 3. Always make sure that the leather is vachetta cowhide 1:1 replica handbags leather and NOT VINYL! The really bad fakes have the vinyl, but the good fakes that are coming out now, have leather handles, but it isn the cowhide vachetta leather. The fake bags that have leather, the leather won patina correctly, as the real vachetta cowhide leather will turn a beautiful honey color with time. The way that I see if the leather is true cowhide leather, is make sure that leather isn white, most fakes that I have seen have extremely light leather, which AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON leather doesn come out that white, even if it is brand new from the store. If the bag leather has already started the patina process, I look around the handles and other areas of the leather. There is a red glue (not sticky) substance to keep the handles together and used around Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags all leather pieces. On the fake bags that have leather, the glue is usually an orangy color and is usually sticky. Also if you can tell, aaa replica designer handbags make sure that there is an embossed line paralled with the yellow stitching, as this is the sewing line, which is found on all leather pieces. 4. Make sure that the two “TT don touch in the word “VUITTON”, and also make sure that that “o are round “O” and not like “0”. 5. Look at the date code, if you know how to decifer the date code (not called a serial number). There should be 2 letters followed by 4 numbers (I will be writing another guide about date codes, so please look at the other guides that I have written). The new fakes, have date codes as replica designer handbags well, but I will teach you how to read them in another guide, so please refer to that for more information. 6. Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica Make sure that the item you are looking at is correct, as interior. In brown Monogram canvas it is brown textile lining (in most cases, some have different lining Manhattan, Viva Cite, Trouville, Bucket, cosmetic pouches, luggage, vanity cases) I will be writing another guide about interior linings so make sure to read my other guides), black multicolor is grey alcantara lining, white multicolor is red alcantara lining, damier canvas is red alcantara lining (in older models it was a light brown alcantara lining, so check age of bag), Vernis is textile lining that usually is the same color as the exterior of the bag, Epi leather is usually alcantara lining that matches the exterior color of cheap louis vuitton bags from china the bag (some bags have bare interior speedy keepall). 7. Take a look at the hardware, as they all have different hardware, so make sure the bag you are looking at has the correct hardware. If you aren sure you can go to LOUIS VUITTON website and look at their manufacturing pictures to compare. 8. Make sure the bag that you are looking at, was even cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk made. This is hard for limited edition, rare, and VIP items, as they aren on the website (not often)and catalogues. If you aren sure if that style wasn made consult a professional so you can make sure. 9. If the bag that you are looking at, has a required padlock, make sure that the brass is shiny and not a brushed finish. All LOUIS VUITTON locks that I have seen are a brushed finished brass and replica louis vuitton bags really cheap looking. There should be an “LV” embossed on the front of the lock, and read Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags , “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS MADE IN FRANCE” on the back, and have the lock number embossed on the bottom beside the keyhole. 10. Look at the canvas (if looking at the collection), make sure that it isn plastic looking, as most fakes are made from it, and see if the quality looks cheap. LOUIS VUITTON items are very expensive, and wouldn put out a cheap looking high quality designer replica handbags product, so don forget what I said about PERFECTION!! If you are to have any information that you would like to include to this, please let me know, and I will be more than happy to add this information. If you see anything that might be inaccurate replica designer handbags , let me know, and I cab consult another LV professional. This guide is built only on my knowledge and personal expieriences. If you have any auctions that you would like authenticated, please let me know replica louis vuitton bags from china and I will be more than happy to authenticate any item for you. I am wanting to start my own authentication service, I will give you first authentication for free, and after thatAnyone think it childish for grown women to wear lots of baby pink colored clothes?21 answersGirls when you are at home are you always barefoot?19 answersDo people really buy/sell worn panties on the internet?8 answersDo straight men wear bowties?11 answersWhy are white people called white when they more of a beige color?12 answersAnyone knows where to find this product from stores in South Dakota?Why can I find beautiful pictures of women, but not find videos high quality replica handbags china of those women wearing those outfits.

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